Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance

Because industrial processes and technology are constantly evolving, an industrial services provider must constantly adapt and update procedure and equipment to ensure clients receive safe and effective service. Coupled with an experienced staff of operators and technicians, Allied maintains a comprehensive fleet of equipment capable of responding to the diverse needs of industry. From compact job-shop machining facilities to global manufacturers and petroleum refineries, Allied provides our industrial clients with facility and equipment cleaning and maintenance services, storage tank cleaning services, and hazardous materials and waste management transport and disposal services.

Services we commonly provide:

  • Storage tank cleaning & coating: Removal and transport of product (liquids, sludges, solids), power washing/cleaning the tank interior, grit blasting and preparation of surfaces, application of corrosion resistant coatings.
  • Sewer Jetting/Cleaning: Using high-volume water jets to force debris from pipes and clean the interior surface of the pipeline. This is an economical and relatively non-invasive method to clean sewers and discharge lines.
  • Dust Removal: Allied uses a variety of proven methods (agitating, washing, vacuuming) to remove carbon black particulate, metallic dust, flat ash, or other dust accumulation from facility surfaces and equipment.
  • Surface Blasting/Cleaning: Allied uses a variety of media to clean interior and exterior surfaces. High-pressure water, abrasives, semi-abrasives (sponge) or dry-ice (cryogenics) can be used to effectively remove surface contaminants, mold, oils, paints and coatings. All contaminants and spent media can be contained and transported offsite.
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning: Water blasting and lancing are typically methods of cleaning condensers and fan units to restore equipment to maximum operating efficiency.
  • Remote Video Camera: Allied utilizes a remotely-viewed camera unit to investigate blockages, collapses or leaks inside piping and vessels. The investigation can be viewed in real-time and recorded for future reference. This exploratory method allows Allied to eliminate wasted time and resources by pin-pointing the location of the problem.
  • Hydro Excavation: Using pressurized water to excavate soils/fill around sensitive utility lines or in areas inaccessible to mechanical excavating equipment.

Our fleet of equipment: (we are constantly upgrading to meet the needs of industry)

  • vac truckVac-Con 312HLA (multi-purpose vacuum truck): Used for hydro- excavating, liquid/sludge/solid removal, sewer rodding.
  • King Vac and Guzzler Vac (vacuum trucks): Used for hydro- excavating, liquid/sludge/solid removal.
  • Vacuum Truck with Stainless Steel Tank: Used for liquid/sludge removal and waste transport. Licensed hazardous waste transport vehicle.
  • Mini Vac (vacuum truck): Used for liquid/sludge removal.
  • Semi-Tanker Trailers: Tankers of 6,000 - 9,000 gallon capacity for hauling liquid waste.
  • vac tankerSewer Jetter: Flexible high-volume water blasting unit capable of traveling inside 500 feet of piping.
  • 10k psi, 15k psi, and 20k psi Water Blasting Units: High-pressure water blasting units from 10,000 psi to 20,000 psi effective in cleaning sewers, drains, sump pits, trenches, tanks as well as removing surface contaminants such as lead-based paint, oils and industrial coatings.
  • Hot & Cold Power Washers: 4,000 psi pressure washers ideal for removing petroleum film from storage tank interiors, and countless other cleaning operations.
  • Cryogenic Blasting Unit: Dry-ice (CO2) surface blasting unit; often used to clean industrial paint booths and for applications requiring minimal residue (dry-ice media simply evaporates/sublimates when spent).
  • Roll-off Boxes and Trailers: Used for hauling solid waste materials.

In addition to industrial cleaning and maintenance services, Allied also provides the following:

  • Confined Space Entry and Rescue - Allied field employees are trained and certified in confined space entry AND rescue; as well as OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER certified.
  • IDLH Monitoring / Stand-by Rescue - As part of the current respiratory protection standard [29 CFR 1910.134(e)], OSHA requires that a standby person be present with suitable rescue equipment when self-contained breathing apparatus or hose masks with blowers are used in atmospheres immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH). Allied has the trained professionals and equipment to provide IDLH Stand-by Rescue services regardless of the setting.

For additional information regarding hazardous materials/waste management, please visit EPA Waste Guidance.

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