Confined Space Rescue

Permit-required confined spaces can present conditions that are immediately dangerous to workers’ lives or health if not properly identified, evaluated, tested and controlled. Allied’s certified and experienced professionals work closely with facility owners and operators to provide pre-entry planning, IDLH standby, and rescue services in the event that a life-threatening incident should occur.



  • Storage tanks & vessels

  • Process pits & sumps

  • Utility manholes

  • Lift stations

  • Boilers

  • Digesters

  • Mixers/reactors

  • Open excavations

When is a certified on-site standby rescue team required?

- When the facility owner’s policy requires the presence of a rescue team.
- When off-site rescue services cannot respond in a timely manner.
- When off-site rescue services are not equipped for the rescue services required.
- When the confined space exhibits an IDLH hazard.
- When the confined space entry requires supplied air (SCBA or inline air).
- When a non-entry rescue attempt has failed.

Why Choose Allied Environmental Services?

  • OSHA 1910.146 and NFPA 1670 certified personnel

  • OSHA 40-hr HAZWOPER certified personnel

  • First Aid and CPR trained and certified

  • NFPA-approved rescue & retrieval equipment

  • Latest-tech atmospheric monitoring/metering equipment

  • Over 30 years of proven experience in the industry

  • Mixers/reactors

  • ISNetworld / PEC Safety / BROWZ / Avetta (PICS) approved

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