Environmental Consulting

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) are performed to identify environmental concerns attributed to current and past property uses, and to determine liability and business risk related to environmental issues on a property.

Phase II - Soil & Groundwater Sampling and Remediation

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) typically involve the collection and laboratory analysis of soil, surface water and/or groundwater samples to confirm the presence and extent of chemical contamination on a property.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal, Closure and Remediation

Due to the inherent risk of release of contaminants to the subsurface of a property, underground storage tanks and associated piping represent a significant environmental liability. Allied's staff includes Ohio State Fire Marshal Certified UST Installers

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing & Mold

Allied scientists are trained and experienced in the evaluation of indoor air quality issues. Using the latest methods and technology, Allied can effectively evaluate conditions within a building to determine the likely source(s) of the problem.

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