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Clarifier Tank Cleaning- Water Treatment Plant

Date Completed: May 26, 2017
Category: general

Allied was contracted by a northwest Ohio municipality to clean the interior surfaces of a drinking water treatment/clarifier tank. The clarifier tank, a component of the municipal drinking water treatment system, was temporarily taken out of service so that damaged mechanical equipment within the tank could be repaired, and other maintenance activities could be completed.

In preparation for maintenance activities, Allied utilized a vacuum truck and pressurized water to remove approximately 12,000 gallons of sludge, approximately 4-inches in thickness, from the tank interior.  Following sludge removal, Allied utilized a hydro-blasting unit, rated at 10,000 psi, to removal mineral deposits from the tank floor, walls, agitator blades and shaft, pump housing, and additive trough.  Allied also hydro-jetted a 75-foot run of a 12-inch diameter feed pipe to remove sludge and mineralization from the pipe interior. 

The project required the use of proper PPE (protective suits, shields, and fall-protection and retrieval harnesses). In addition, lock-out/tag-out procedures were strictly followed to ensure that electrical systems and mechanical equipment remained de-energized throughout the project.

Allied successfully completed all required industrial cleaning activities safely, and within all time and budgetary constraints.

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