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Emergency Spill Response - Riley Creek

Date Completed: June 6, 2012
Category: general
Location: Pandora, OH

Allied responded to a release of chemical floor wax to Riley Creek, located northwest of Pandora, Ohio. The release consisted of 900 gallons of floor wax, which was discharged to a floor drain within a local manufacturing facility. The wax ultimately was discharged to Riley Creek via municipal storm sewer. The release affected approximately three miles of Riley Creek, resulting in widespread discoloration and foaming of the waterway, and limited flora and fauna kill.

Under the direction of USEPA - Region 5, Allied contained the release by building three filtration dams within Riley Creek, downstream of the discharge point. The filtration dams were comprised of gravel, straw bails and activated charcoal, which effectively filtered volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the flowing waterway. Allied utilized vacuum tankers to skim the wax from the water surface. Some components of the wax were heavier than water and formed localized contaminant pockets on the stream bed. Allied utilized high pressure vacuums to extract these subsurface contaminants. Over 170,000 gallons of contaminated water was removed from Riley Creek and transported to an approved treatment facility. Allied also utilized high-volume pumps and 'bubblers' to aerate the creek, allowing VOC contaminants to volatize and disperse to air.

Allied excavated impacted soils adjacent to the affected drain basin and utilized sewer-jetting equipment to clean contaminant from sewer lines, which traversed a distance of four city blocks.

Following initial response and remedial actions, Allied collected water and sediment samples from the creek to confirm that clean-up efforts were effective. Allied's prompt response and aggressive measures ensured that the spill was successfully contained and remediated with minimal impact to Riley Creek.

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