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Allied Adds Electrofusion Pipe Welding Service

October 30, 2019

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Allied Environmental Services (Allied), one of the Great Lakes region’s premier environmental field services providers, recently announced that it has broadened its core service offerings to include Electrofusion Pipe Welding. 

In response to client input and the needs of industry in the western New York region, Allied began building the electrofusion welding service offering in the first quarter 2019.  According to Linda Grimmer, Allied Buffalo Branch Manager, Allied made considerable investment in the equipment, training and resources required to offer professional and high-quality service.  “We primarily work at environmentally sensitive facilities where exceptional quality work is a must”, Grimmer stated. “Our clients were struggling to find qualified contractors to provide the electrofusion welding service, so we responded by adding the capability ourselves.  When we made that commitment, we also committed to becoming expertly trained and equipped to provide outstanding quality work, which is what our clients expect and deserve”, Grimmer added.

Electrofusion welding is a method of joining medium and high-density polyethylene (MDPE & HDPE) piping through electrical resistive heat fusion. The process produces a complete and consistent weld without using solvents or adhesives, which eliminates contamination concerns at environmentally sensitive work sites, such as landfills and environmental remediation projects. It also allows for repairs to be made without removing existing piping from the ground.

According to Grimmer, electrofusion welding offers several benefits over traditional polyethylene pipe joining, especially in applications involving the installation and repair of in-situ environmental treatment systems.  “The process is free of chemical solvents, which we never want to introduce to a treatment system.  Also, it allows for buried pipes to be repaired in place without removing them and bringing them to the surface” Grimmer said. “The process is less intrusive, and because the equipment is programmable, it eliminates human error and makes a more consistent weld”, she added.

Allied has more than 30 years of experience installing and repairing in-situ treatment systems.  The addition of the electrofusion welding service adds an additional specialized tool to the firm’s wide range of capabilities.

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