hydro excavationHydro-excavation refers to the process of using pressurized water and a high capacity vacuum to remove soils/fill around sensitive utility lines or in areas inaccessible to mechanical excavating equipment.  The pressurized water can be precisely controlled while it breaks and loosens soil/backfill without damaging buried pipes, fittings, tanks and equipment.  A vacuum truck removes the loosened soil, where it is deposited into the truck's on-board tank.  The collected spoils can then be transported to a separate location for disposal, or returned to the excavation when the project is complete.


Allied prefers to utilize a Vac-Con 312LHA truck-mounted unit equipped with an onboard water supply and pressurization system, and a  remote-controlled articulating vacuum boom, which provides high-efficiency hydro-excavating capability.  The Vac-Con unit features 1,300 gallons of onboard water storage and a 12 cubic-yard debris tank.  This allows crews to work on-site for longer time periods, which increases productivity. The Vac-Con unit is also equipped with a high-volume 500-foot sewer rodder, which makes it a very versatile piece of equipment.



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