Industrial Services

Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance

From compact job-shop machining facilities to global manufacturers and refineries, Allied provides facility and equipment cleaning and maintenance services, storage tank cleaning services, and hazardous materials and waste management services...


Hydro-excavation refers to the process of using pressurized water and a high capacity vacuum to remove soils/fill around sensitive utility lines or in areas inaccessible to mechanical excavating equipment.

Industrial Hygiene

Whether industrial hygiene issues are related to general OSHA compliance, or specialized conditions associated with dosimetry monitoring (noise) or airborne contaminants, Allied can assess the workplace conditions and provide practical solutions...

Specialized Sediment Removal

Allied's sediment removal approach combines specialized diving techniques, vacuum extraction, and passive dewatering. This methid is very effective in process ponds and surface impoundments where mechanical dredging is not feasible.

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